Research has shown that a mere 5% of people today truly fit standard sized shirts commonly sold ‘off-the-peg’. Have you ever noticed your shirt bunching out at the waist, becoming loose or hanging out untidily at the back? Are your shirts too big or too small around the collar or do your sleeves sit too long or short?

At Lodge & King, we have never believed in the concept of the "average" size. Our expertise lies in made to measure shirts, with all of our shirts expertly and meticulously hand tailored for every individual; regardless of shape or size. The result is an unbelievably comfortable, perfectly fitting tailored shirt each and every time.

Prior to completing your purchase you will require a tape measure & someone to assist you in order to provide us with your measurements. This is only a 5 minute process and your measurements will be stored for future orders. Please click here to order your Starter Pack which includes a MeasureUp Guide, Fabric Swatches and a Tape Measure. 


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